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Through community engagement and relationships, we're forging a strong recovery network that uplifts each member of our community. 

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What We Do

Refocus Recovery is a 501(c)3 Recovery Community Organization (RCO) working to create a powerful recovery community support network. By partnering with other local organizations, we're able to offer a wide range of services to the recovery community at large.

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Peer Recovery Specialist Training

Having RCO status allows us to train individuals to become Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRSs). Knowing there is an incredible demand for peer services within the recovery community, we officially became the only accredited trainer in Minnesota that offers free training.

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Peer Services

We work hand-in-hand with Kyros, the largest employer of Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRSs) in the state. Through this preferred partnership, we are able to ensure immediate placement upon completing our training course. Learn more about providing peer recovery services here.

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Community Building

We're fostering connection through community events and engagement. We regularly host Peer support groups, training classes and fun events we invite everyone to participate in!


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Matt McLane

Managing Director

Matt would consider himself a "man who wears many hats". Working in various positions throughout his careers, including Senior Vice President of Operations at Field Nation and CSM Consultant at Wells Fargo, there has been one role that has remained consistent; being a person in long-term recovery. Matt is proudly 45 years in recovery, and passionate about using his professional expertise to pour back into the recovery community. Committed to breaking down recovery barriers in Minnesota, Matt says about Refocus Recovery, "We are dedicated to helping individuals find sustainable paths towards recovery so they can lead healthier lives."

Tim Sanders

Executive Director

Tim Sanders has long been invested in uplifting his local community. From working as a State Representative in the Minnesota House of Representatives, to currently holding the title of Mayor of Blaine, Tim is committed to serving the state of Minnesota. Tim's personal mission is to give each member of the Minnesota community a voice. Committed to serving the recovery community, Tim believes that by first addressing the peer workforce shortage we can begin to uplift and empower individuals in recovery.
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Tim Balow

Tim Balow

Program Manager

Tim has worked in program leadership for nearly 15 years. With experience in the non-profit, faith-based, and for-profit human services and healthcare fields, Tim's experience and passion for serving the recovery community spreads across all aspects of life. As a person in positive recovery himself, he is proud to work for such an agile and passionate team at Refocus Recovery to bring experience, strength and hope to the mission. Tim wants to contribute to the movement where, "cultivating positive recovery becomes the focus for individuals in recovery from substance use disorder, one day and one inch at a time."

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We are proudly non-profit and 501(c)3 status!

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