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Start your new career serving individuals early in their recovery journey

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Free Training, Every Week

Yes - you heard that right! We are ruthlessly committed to increasing access to recovery services and understand that the shortage of qualified professionals who can help is a massive barrier. To address this, Refocus Recovery offers accredited training to become a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist at NO COST.


Do you have at least one year of personal sustained recovery? While it's not required for training, you must have 1+ years of personal sustained recovery to become certified.


Certified Peer Recovery Training

  • Training sessions include 46 hours of instruction and are delivered over 5, or 7 days (depending on your preference) . 
  • During the class you will explore:
    • The roles and functions of a CPRS
    • How another person's perception of themselves and the world is unique
    • How to foster a safe place for clients to share without the fear of judgement or shame
    • Developing strong, healthy relationships and connections between people with different view points
    • How to use your new skills in practice
  • Once you have completed the session you will be prepared to take the Minnesota Certification Board exam and earn your CPRS designation
  • You are now ready to work as a CPRS

Apply For Training

After receiving your application our team will connect with you over email or SMS to complete a short screening and confirm your eligibility for the free training course. Only Minnesota residents are eligible at this time. 

Applying for training does not guarantee that you will be invited to participate in the training.

Due to the high number of training applications and the limited amount of space in each training session, please read the following:

  • Rescheduling your originally selected class may result in being prioritized lower with being accepted to a training session.

  • If you reschedule multiple times, you will be placed at a low priority for any future CPRS training sessions.

  • If you do not reschedule and are a “no-show” for a training session, you may be restricted from being able to attend a CPRS training with Refocus Recovery.

Learn how to register for your Certification exam below!

Need to Reschedule Your Training?

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Once you've completed your training, learn how to register for your Certification exam below!

Learn More About Peer Recovery

Working as a CPRS is an incredible opportunity to give back to others in early recovery - find out more about what working as a CPRS is, and how it impacts the recovery community!

Hear Their Stories

After I got out of treatment I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to help people. I found my way to Refocus Recovery and found that instead of helping 20 people, by being a CPRS Trainer I could help 20 people help 100 people.
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Certified peer recovery specialist manager
Refocus Recovery
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