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Start your new career serving individuals early in their recovery journey

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Free Training, Every Week

Yes - you heard that right! We are ruthlessly committed to increasing access to recovery services and understand that the shortage of qualified professionals who can help is a massive barrier. To address this, Refocus Recovery offers accredited training to become a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist at NO COST.


Do you have at least one year of personal sustained recovery? While it's not required for training, you must have 1+ years of personal sustained recovery to become certified.

Training Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

Certified Peer Recovery Training

  • Training sessions include 46 hours of instruction and are delivered over 5, or 7 days (depending on your preference) . 
  • During the class you will explore:
    • The roles and functions of a CPRS
    • How another person's perception of themselves and the world is unique
    • How to foster a safe place for clients to share without the fear of judgement or shame
    • Developing strong, healthy relationships and connections between people with different view points
    • How to use your new skills in practice
  • Once you have completed the session you will be prepared to take the Minnesota Certification Board exam and earn your CPRS designation
  • You are now ready to work as a CPRS

Apply For Training

After receiving your application our team will connect with you over email or SMS to complete a short screening and confirm your eligibility for the free training course. Only Minnesota residents are eligible at this time. 

Hear Their Stories

After I got out of treatment I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to help people. I found my way to Refocus Recovery and found that instead of helping 20 people, by being a CPRS Trainer I could help 20 people help 100 people.
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Certified peer recovery specialist manager
Refocus Recovery
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